About Olive Juice Soaps

Olive Juice Soaps was created during a rainy Saturday in Florida. Sarah-Jane was making her bed (a rare occurrence) when she sprayed her bed with some linen spray. It was then a light bulb went off, and and idea was born.

Sarah-Jane took her love of graphic design and crafts to create homemade soaps, linen sprays and salts. Her kitchen was transformed into a scientist's lair. Scents of lilac and lavender filled her small apartment. Her first batch was not tested on animals (never have/never will) but rather her boyfriend (now fiance). After he tested the soap and salt scrubs and exclaimed how soft his arms were, Sarah-Jane knew she was on to something with this idea.

Test packages were sent out back home to Maine, and the reviews were great. Sarah-Jane worked on the website and carefully constructed her products. She is now ready to share her products with you and your family and friends.

Who knew a rainy day and a bottle of linen spray would start Olive Juice Soaps, handmade goods....all made with love.

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